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CYS6020 Linear Dual XY Axis Cave Design Motorized Stage 60x60mm Size 20mm Travel 1 Micron Resolution


60x60mm table, 20mm travel, load capacity of 4k, weight of 1.56k, max speed of 25[5KHz] mm/sec, parallelism of 15mircons, driving parallelism of 10 microns, lost motion of 1 micron, positioning accuracy of 5 mircons, repeated positiong accuracy of +/- .5 microns

Motorized Stage Function:

The Motorized Stage is anodized with black coating and comes in many different configurations. It is offered in XY and Z axes and is capable of stacking to allow multi-axes stages. They are motor driven and come in micrometer ready, flat toped, and rotary models.