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GXY25-2020WR XY Table X Axis Travel of 200mm, Y Axis Travel of 200mm 260x260mm Table


X Axis Travel of 200mm, Y Axis Travel of 200mm, 55kgf capacity, linear rail accuracy H, screw shaft: Diameter 16 diameter 5mm guide Travel, R accuracy, mounting dimension: A 75 P*N150*2, length of x 490mm length of y 490mm, weight of 22.8kg

X Y Table Function:

The X Y table product series has the capability of motorized functioning. NanoSmith’s linear XY tables are used in a variety of applications with different positioning requirements, accuracy grades, table architectures, and drive mechanics. NanoSmith’s XY stages are available in universal and precision designs as well as with dust cover options. They are available in single axis or stacked dual axes. GMT XY-TABLE divided into:

Precise level(P):Ball screw shaft is C5 level, linear slide block is precise level (heavy preload)

Application:Measure device, instrument, painting equipment.

Regular level(R):
Ball screw shaft is R level, linear slide block is high level H (light preload).

Application :
Woodworking machine、Cutting machine, LCR carving machine ,Video Comparactor./

Perfect durability:

GMT linear Slide table base is made by high strength aluminum alloy, has been stress eliminated and cryogenic treatment under 196℃(Please refer to P.42), such quality may maintain high precision still after long period using. while it is applied to the slide table required high precision, the base structure is stable enough to against distortion such as expansion while theraml and shrink while cool caused by the environment variation, also can keep a consistence movement of the slide table set. Thus, the base material duriability has been highly increased to take the maximum deforming.

Variety of dimensions assembly:

XY-TABLE dimensions, from 150mm ~ 400mm, travel stroke from 50mm ~ 500mm, modulized design creates variety of single axis or dual axes models, fit for linear moulds used in Automatic, Photo-electric, and Semi-conduct fields./

Motor base:

Matched with all servo motors, easy insert installation without axis adjustment.
Motors, couplings are excluded from GMT XY-TABLE units.