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GRB100 GRB100-N Ball Type B Table 100mm wide
[GRB100 GRB100-N]


Aluminum Alloy or stainless steel with nickel plating Type B Table, 100mm wide, length varies, in standard and antitrust models

Slide table function:

The Slide Table product line is designed for high accuracy. In order to perform the function of the linear motion roller way unit entirely, all assembly planes of table and base are processed in precise grinding to get linear motion in high accuracy. A benefit of the slide table is its ability to have low friction. This is achieved because of non-circulation, giving it stable performance whether it is in low or high speed use. While the roller guide is capable of high load and high rigidity, it is also designed with space saving considerations. A benefit of the Slide Table is that there is never a need for heavy adjustment; accuracy and preload match up seamlessly. The Slide Table product line is also easily assembled. The standardized assembly holes of unit and base are easy to lock and secure with the screw, providing linear motion in high accuracy.
Crossed roller way unit
GMT linear motion table is composed of GMT roller type linear motion slide ways, V-grooves, cross-rollers matched with assembly plane in high accuracy processing,and base; installed with limit mechanism between two ends of table, is small type of limit stroke linear motion way unit in high rigidity. Performance as high accuracy and low friction, apply to electric parts used in automatic installation equipment and optical gauge.
Roller way unit selection procedure
1. Select unit width and length
2. Select model per installation.
3. Acquire model no. from catalogs.
4. Select standard, antirust or corrosion-resisting per Environment request

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